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Chromebooks to Now Use Microsoft Office Productivity Suite

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Published on : Nov 27, 2017

Microsoft Office for Chromebook may seem to be a huge announcement considering the size of the corporation. However, in this case, it may not. Apparently, Microsoft Office capabilities on Chromebooks announced their arrival in an undertone. As known, Android apps for Chromebooks have had tons of achievements till this date, and so has Microsoft Office. Although a Chromebook here or there has been anticipated to obtain support for Microsoft Office, it has appeared to be arbitrary and random. However, after all this time, it has seemed that a majority of Chromebooks would now be able to engage the productivity suite.

Microsoft’s Bottom Line to Expand as Chromebooks Continue to Grow in Popularity

News about the ability to use the aforementioned suite has been appearing all over the web. Anyone looking to fancy their chances of having access, they just need to have a Chromebook. However, it may not be all good news though. If anyone has been dreaming of using Microsoft Office for Chromebook free of cost, their dream could be shattered because it has been identified to not work on screens larger than 10.1 inches. In fact, it would require a Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

With the holiday season around the corner, wallet-friendly devices could make up as a great holiday gift for students as Microsoft Office for Chromebook begins to show face. Although Chromebook and current Microsoft Office 365 subscription would benefit their possessors with the announcement, G Suite and other Android office suites available that do not cost money could raise the question of the need for Microsoft Office.