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Published on : Apr 20, 2018

The latest version of Chrome Web browser, the Chrome 66 from Google, is now zeroing dwon on those loud and annoying autoplay videos found on too many sites, and is automatically blocking them in a number of cases. This feature was originally promised for the Chrome 64 update in January, but has been released as a part of the many new features in Chrome 66.

By this, we mean that your browser-once you upgrade-will automatically prevent sites from playing videos without your consent. You can now go back to viewing almost every news site on the web without feeling like you have to mute your speakers just to catch up on the day’s events.

Going forward, web-hosted media can only automatically play if it has no audio, if the user interacted with the page during a previous browsing session, or if the user frequently plays media on the site. Similarly on mobile, media can only autoplay if the site was added to the Home Screen by the user.

Nonetheless, Chrome also includes more granular controls that allow a user to permanently block autoplay videos on a particular website domain. So anyone could prevent YouTube.com or any other website from playing audio on launch if they wish to.