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Cholesterol-lowering Methods to be Simpler for Patients

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Published on : Jun 21, 2017

Those suffering from high cholesterol may have a new ray of hope with yearly jabs of cholesterol-lowering booster jabs. This could mean that patients could stop taking statins, which a commonly prescribed solution across the UK and many other parts of the world. This study has been indicated by chief technology officer of AFFiRis. The best part about this news is the possibility of last-lasting therapy for those suffering from high cholesterol. As the induced antibodies continue to exist long after vaccination, patients might as well just depend on a yearly booster instead of a daily pill, which becomes difficult to manage.

Booster Jabs for Lowering Cholesterol to Change Disease Management

This effective and convenient method of disease management could change the whole game of a lot of people. It is also expected to result in a higher patient compliance. The lack of adherence to doctor’s advice of taking statins has led to thousands of deaths due to strokes and heart attacks. Thus, this new form of cholesterol-lowering solution could change lives of several patients.

The enzyme being used for managing cholesterol is PCSK9, which is produced in the liver. The vaccine will produce antibodies that latch onto enzyme so that the receptors that get rid of cholesterol remain active. All in all, it is an immunotherapy treatment. The phase 1 of the trial was launched in 2015 in Vienna and the trial is likely to finish this year. However, much before it is commercialized larger trials will have to be conducted to understand its safety and effectiveness.

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