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Chlorine Gas Was Used as a Chemical Weapon against Civilians in Syria

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Published on : Jan 08, 2015

Chemical weapons investigators announced the result of the test with a high degree of confidence that says that chlorine gas was used as a chemical weapon against three villages in Syria in 2014, affecting around 350 people in one and 500 people in the other, while killing 13 individual in the attack, as stated in a report issued by The Associated Press.
The third report issued by a fact-finding commission from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons did not blame fully but stated that 32 of the 37 people interviewed, had seen or heard the sound of a helicopter over the villages at the time of the violence with barrel bombs containing poisonous chemicals.

The investigators stated that 26 people heard the distinguished whistling sound of the falling barrel bombs, which contained lethal chemicals and 16 people visited the affected sites, where they saw the bombs or their remnants.

The mission was set up by the Organization of Prohibited Chemical Weapons on 29 April 2014, to find the facts surrounding allegations of the usage of chlorine for antagonistic reasons in Syria. Chlorine is easily obtainable and is used in industry across the globe, but it can also be used as a chemical weapon.

 The security council of United Nations has been extremely involved in the issue of suspected chemical weapons usage in Syria, collectively adopting a resolution on September 27, 2013 ordering chemical weapons stockpile of Syria to be secured and destroyed.

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