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Chinese Scientists Discover Potentially Effective Treatment for Obese Children

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Published on : Jul 29, 2015

Obesity is growing like an epidemic across the globe. The condition, and the many health issues it brings with itself, has many socio-economic impacts on the society. Many research studies are being undertaken to find an effective way to tackle obesity and its causes. 

One such research study, led by Chinese scientists, has led to the discovery of a potentially effective treatment methodology that can treat simple and genetic obesity in children. The research states that the knack to tackle obesity is to modulate the gut microbiota present in obese individuals. 

Yin Aihua from the Guangdong Province's children's hospital, Tang Huiru from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Zhao Liping from the Shanghai Jiaotong University headed a team of researchers to find the reason behind obesity. The findings of the study were published in the well known medical journal EBioMedicine.

Apart from identifying the microbiota, the bacterial genomes, which produce metabolites related to obesity, the researchers were also successful in finding that improved modulations of the gut microbiota can also help in treating cases of genetic obesity among children. 

One such genetic obesity syndrome commonly observed in children, the Prader-Willi syndrome, increases the appetite of children, ultimately leading to obesity and chronic overeating. 

In the research, the researchers studied a diet therapy with useful gut bacteria on a number of trial patients. The results of the study were surprisingly positive. Along with a considerable drop in appetite, the trial patients also observed improved health conditions and weight loss. 

It was concluded through the study that gut microbiota and their dysbiosis have a great effect on both simple as well as genetic obesity in children. Thus, the modulation of gut microbiota can be an effective therapy that might effectively answer the concerns related with child obesity.