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Chinese Scientists Claim their New Phone Screen Technology will Surpass Apple’s Technology

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Published on : Aug 26, 2015

Apple smartphones are considered to have the best technology. Users of Apple smartphones swear by the technology used in these phones. Furthermore, Apple’s technology for screen is considered to be revolutionary and one that enhances the customer experience. However, scientists from China are claiming that with their new technology they will be able to deliver a screen which is much superior compared to Apple’s iPhone.

This technology is expected to help produce smartphone screen which are a million times clearer. In this technology six different rare earths are used and fused together using a beaming laser. According to the developers of this technology, they have been able to recreate the full spectrum of the visible light. These findings are available in the journal Angewandte Chemie.

However, it will take a while before this technology is used to deliver screens on the smartphones, stated the lead author of this research study professor Zhang Zhongping. According to the professor, pixels are now only part of the display technology and when the number of pixels go down in size they need laser beams to become extremely fine too. So, to create and control these laser beams at a nanoscale, this problem has not yet been solved.

Nevertheless, the pixels in these six rare earth screens are similar to little balls that have six different layers and when a beam is used on it, these balls can deliver different colors. The professor commented that the key challenge for them was to find the right rare earth elements and control their composition precisely.

So far it has taken three years for scientists to figure out the formula that could help them to deploy this technology where it could potentially be used in chemical factories for bulk production. However, according to the professor, these rare earths can be very expensive. This might stand in the path of this technology being deployed on a mass scale.