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Chinese Police goes Online Web Censorship to Increase

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Published on : Jun 01, 2015

The police in China has made more visible efforts to censor harmful and illegal online information. According to the Ministry of Public Security, the concerned branch of China’s police, responsible for censoring online content, has launched their own social media accounts. The Chinese government has been stringent in its actions to censor the internet and has blocked many sites which it perceives as threats to the ruling Communist Party. Popular websites such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Google’s search engine and Gmail services have been blocked in the country. 


The Ministry mentioned that in order to curb pornography and online gambling, the police will open their social media accounts on websites such as Weibo, which is China’s reply to Twitter. The police have listed around 50 areas to monitor which includes cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, along with remote locations such as Xuzhou in Jiangsu province. The Ministry further said that the issues such as sale of drugs and guns, defamation, and fraud will create serious challenges and invite trouble, and the cyber police will put their best efforts to prevent the cyber-crimes. In the past, offenders have been often locked under the charges of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble”. With their online presence, the police will issue warning to the people involved in minor offences and will follow the serious cases closely.


In this year, the government has investigated over 70,000 cases related to cyber-crime, and has deleted 758,000 pieces of content which it termed as “criminal and illegal information”. 

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