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Chinese Pharmaceutical Company Expands Production in Ghana

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Published on : Jun 01, 2015

The Chinese manufacturing company Sanbao Ghana Pharmaceuticals Limited, has plans to expand its production capacity in Ghana, and has invested a total amount of US$15 million in the venture.

With this move the company will be capable of producing 15 million units of intravenous infusion annually and additionally has increased its employee base from 50 to 100. The superintendent pharmacist commented on the company’s status as being one of the main intravenous production companies in Ghana. Smart Atta Bediako, said that this status was due to their increased production capacity and the fact that their production unit followed the World Health Organization’s (WHO) standards and recommendations. 

The superintendent pharmacist remarked that the design of their production unit used “Form-fill-seal” and other measures that minimized any chances of contamination from human contact to the least level.  Intravenous procedures are used to balance the water and electrolyte levels in the body and some medications require to be administered intravenously. He mentioned further that the company manufactures approximately 13 products that are approved by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) and on the list of essential medicines National Health Insurance Authority.

Bediako added that their quality control uses United States Pharmacopeia or British Pharmacopeia and follows quality standards required by the compendium. The company aims to export 70 % of its manufactured products to the West African market. But the company faces challenges due to delayed payments. The market opportunity for intravenous infusion made the company start business in this region in 1999. Sanbao wants to expand to making tablets, capsules, and syrups in future with focus on following quality standards set by Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).