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Chinese Netizens Bash Hong Kong through Social Media

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Published on : Jun 29, 2015

Chinese social media does not miss a chance to criticize the Hong Kong netizens. Hong Kong was returned to Chinese sovereignty after around 18 years. However, Chinese mainlanders and the Hong King citizens are yet to be called the ‘netizens from the same country’. The Chinese mainlanders have been bashing Hong Kong on internet forums and social networking websites. The hostility is quite palpable. Of course, with the Chinese censors backing them.

Mainlanders consider it politically incorrect to say a good word about Hong Kong. A positive post about Hong Kong is not allowed to stay online for long by the Chinese censors. On the other hand, posts criticizing Hong Kong netizens get millions of likes and shares. Last year, the news team of Tencent had appealed to the Chinese mainlanders to tone down their hostility towards Hong Kong. Mainlanders think Hong Kong as an ‘ungrateful child’ in spite of getting all the support from China. Later, the article was removed after orders from the Guangdong provincial party propaganda department. This points towards the subtle encouragement of Beijing in giving a cold shoulder to Hong Kong.  

Though the mainlanders stress that Hong Kong is a part of China, the aggressive online bashing of Hong Kong reflects that they never consider the city as their own. All this bashing is reportedly pulling away the people of Hong Kong from the mainland. 

The aggressiveness has increased more after the Hong Kong government stalled its capital investment entrant scheme for immigrants from mainland, earlier this year. Mainland netizens have hailed Alibaba’s choice to list its IPO in New York after Hong Kong refused to accept the two-tiered voting rights structure of the technology firm to protect the interest of its investors.