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Chinese Company Uses Unique 3d Printing Methodology to Build House in Less Than 3 Hours

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Published on : Jul 27, 2015

A Chinese construction company is all set to revolutionize the way houses are built through the use of the technology of 3D printing.  Zhuoda Group, the company based in Xi'an, central China claims that it has found a way to build houses that will be ready with the press of a button, assembly of which will require under 3 hours’ time. The company also showcased a two-storey building that was build using the pre-constructed components developed from 3D printing. The parts printed in a company factory, were lifted and placed using a crane, all in nearly 3 hours. The breakthrough technique signals a huge change for the global construction industry.

Zhuoda Group is keeping the new technology carefully under wraps. While most companies use cement base for building construction parts using 3D printing technology. However, the group is using an unnamed material for producing parts needed for the construction.

Compared to the average price of 36,000 Yuan per square metre usually required for building apartments in China currently, the homes build from 3D printing cost just 3,000 Yuan per square metre. This will lead to excellent profit margins.

Zhuoda Group has already applied for more than 20 patents for their unique home building technique. However, the company is not yet making the printed homes available on a mass scale as of yet. With the rise of adoption of 3D printing among the construction sector, however, the availability of 3D printed houses will also subsequently rise.

Another Chinese company also propelled in the field of construction by building the world’s tallest building built by 3D printing in January. Winsum, the company based in Shanghai, built a five storey high building that cost nearly 1 million Yuan for the entire construction. The company used four massive 3D printers, which are nearly as wide as a typical basketball court and are 21 feet tall.