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Chinese Citizens Take Government to Court Over an Issue of Roundup Usage

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Published on : Apr 09, 2015

China's Ministry of Agriculture is being taken to court by three Chinese citizens due to report on toxicology that has supported the approval of Monsanto's popular weed-killer, Roundup. It had happened 27 years ago. However, these citizens want to make this issue public.

This case is quite a rare example of a lawsuit that has been put forward by private citizens against the government of Chinese. It comes amongst renewed focused on glyphosate which is the key ingredient in Roundup. This case has appeared after a controversial report put forward by World Health Organization (WHO) group in the previous month which stated that "probably carcinogenic to humans" – which is the claim that has been denied by Monsanto. It further highlights the deep-seated fears that are held by some of the Chinese over genetically modified food.

An official of the court stated that Beijing’s third number - Intermediate People's Court has already accepted the case; however, the hearing date has not yet been finalized. Roundup is mostly utilized on crops such as soybeans which are genetically modified to resist its impact. It has allowed all the farmers to kill weeds without killing their crops. As per sources, China imports around 65% of the global share of soybeans.

Yang Xiaolu, who is a long time GMO activist and one of the plaintiffs of the case said that the government have been taking steps to deal with the safety of other food issues but they are not ready to deal with any GMO problem. Monsanto officials have informed that glyphosate has been proven safe for over decades now and the company has also asked for a retraction from the WHO over its recent report.

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