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Chinese Auto-Parts Company to manufacture cars in Southern California

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Published on : Aug 21, 2015

Chinese auto-parts company, soon to manufacture cars in Southern California. With this, the auto industry in Chain is expected to reach a milestone. Recently, Fisker automotive decided to lease an industrial building of 555,670 square foot, in Moreno Valley. As per Colliers International, in the same area, the automotive company had earlier announced to manufacture its plug-in, luxury hybrid Karma vehicle, which is a sports car. 

For many car lovers, buying a luxury electric car, is a dream. Most of the people who decide to invest in luxury electric cars, consider Tesla as their primary option. Tesla has been a wonder for people of Wall Street. Fisker, which was originated in Anaheim, has been already driven on rockier roads. Two years back, Fisker was filed for bankruptcy. Last year, Wanxiang Group bought Fisker in an auction. 

This raised a question, ‘why did the Chinese auto company feel the need to develop cars in Inland Empire, Southern California?’ Eric Lyman, the vice president of industry insights of TrueCar said that the question was commendable. According to a senior analyst of Edmunds.com, Jessica Caldwell, the question was a bit puzzling. Caldwell also commented that, even though California has an expensive labor services, the state is filled with lots of talent. Local automotive players in California have the talent and skills to manufacture and design the Karma. Southern California is considered to be the perfect place for green vehicles, Caldwell added. 

As per the Press Enterprise, the company is planning to hire 150 skilled workers. A job fair was held last month to offer high paid jobs, as high as US$26 an hour. Southern California is recognized as the home to many wealthy environment friendly consumers, who can willingly pay $100,000 for the cars. Lyman said that, the automotive industry in China follows a simple philosophy, ‘manufacture the cars where you wish to sell them’. The auto manufacturing plant in Southern California is close to majority of ports of Los Angeles, and Long Beach.