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Chinas Turnabout of One-child Policy Cautiously Welcomed

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Published on : Oct 30, 2015

In China, the state media has welcomed the news regarding reversal of the decades-old one-child policy. As stated by one of the editorial of the Chinese state media, the agency echoes with the will of the people.

However, right group opinion leaders commented that the measures will not go far enough and that the restrictions need to be abolished completely. Earlier in the week, the government said that it relaxing rules for couples to have two children. The government further commented that the decision was made because of the ageing population in the country and for supporting the economy.

As posted in a statement on the website of National Health and Family Planning Commission in China, in the our view if the new two-child stance, 90million couples would meet the eligibility requisites of this policy. However, when the policy would come into effect is not yet declared.

As per the current plan, families who wish to have a second child need to apply for approval, for which, the currently used approval system would be replaced with a registration system.

The pitfall of the one-child policy in China were stated by a BBC correspondent who was born in 1979, the year the policy came into effect. She explained how in spite of the implementation of the policy her birth was not going to happen. The correspondent further said that her parents’ work unit had quotas for babies, which were already used up for the year by the time her mother announced her pregnancy. Nevertheless, the kind-hearted officials perceived it in other way and so she was born. However, her would-be siblings were not so lucky.

Due to the implementation of the one-child policy, the correspondent’s mother was forced for two abortions, which she has not been able to forget till date, calling them as number two and number three