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Chinas First ever Domestic Aircraft Carrier Under Construction

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Published on : Oct 01, 2015

China is willing to take its construction industry one step ahead as its first domestic aircraft carrier is under construction. China has recently began its construction on their first ever domestic aircraft carrier in the northern Chinese shipyard. The ship resembles to the dimensions of Kuznetsov-class, renovated aircraft carrier Liaoning, a big ship with a 115 feet and length of 886 feet beat. According to Chris Carlson, a retired U.S. Navy Capt. the project would have been completed till now. The main intention of China behind constructing the domestic aircraft carrier is hinted in official documents and in the state-controlled press release reports. 

The construction of the first ever domestic carrier has begun and it confirms rough outline that the analysts have built around the effort. For the past few years, the analysts have believed that China has been planning for a good force including four full-sized aircraft carriers. The force includes the active Liaoning. China initiated their plan to build the aircraft carrier in 2009. This indicated that China had entered the historical age of constructing a maritime superpower. About five years ago, as per the 2010 Ocean Development Report, China was set to create a domestically built carrier fleet. 

In 2014, according to a regional officer, China had planned to construct four carriers. The four carriers are expected to copy the U.S. legacy deployment model, one carrier is expected to be deployed for three, in maintenance or training. It is not the first time that China has functioned like the United States. The PLAN so far has borrowed many carrier tropes. China will be able to diminish few of the J-15 weight issues. It is not clear whether China has the required technical ability to contain the scheme on their ships or whether Kuznetsov design would be modified to house a CATOBAR system.