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China Wine Industry Foresees Growth as New Generation Steps in as Company Owners

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Published on : Nov 27, 2015

One of the most prominent winemakers in China, Judy Chan still recalls the initial challenge that she had to face when her father CK Chan handed her the reins of Grace Vineyard. 

Judy Chan, who started her career as a human-resource analyst, had to witness strong competition from the imported wine brands and three other most popular Chinese wine labels – Great Wall, Changyu, and Dynasty. Since, Ms. Chan was new to the business, she had little idea about the packaging of products, the market trends, and the price of wine produced from their vineyard. 

Talking about her early days in the business, Judy said that the first bottle label under her charge looked more like a bottle of soy sauce. However, with the guidance and support from her father Judy could develop knowledge about the finest varieties of wine, and what responsibility an international dealer has to fulfil. She also introduced to raw materials needed in the wine industry such as coal by her father, who also said that a majority of the same is brought from Shanxi to France. 

Over the years, Judy Chan has now become one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs in the industry. While in 2001 her company produced nearly 1 million bottles of wine, by 2015 the number has escalated to 1.5 million bottles of wine produced annually. Speaking about the fast development of the company, Judy Chan said that when she got onboard her key goal was to grow in quality as well as quantity. Over the years the contribution of Grace Vineyard has been immense in China wine industry. 

Speaking to a leading publication, July Chain said that their portfolio at present comprises 16 wines, crafted exclusively by winemaker Ken Murchison. The varieties that are planted in Shanxi include Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The new additions to their portfolio includes Aglianico and Marselan.