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China to Have More Stringent Regulation for Healthcare Products

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Published on : Apr 21, 2015

The law for advertising healthcare products in China is likely to get more stringent as the lawmakers gear up to introduce a new set of tougher regulations. 

The new set of laws will require advertisers to clearly mention that the health products are no substitutes to medicine and they should also exclude contents which talk about disease prevention or treatment. 

As per reports, top legislature in China has already begun to draft the suggested amendments to their national Advertising Law. The amendments will propose more stringent regulations with regards to health care product advertising. According to the revision introduced, the healthcare products must clearly mention the ingredients used for manufacturing the product, name, functions, and dosage in the label. 

It has been mandated in the law to not introduce health care products as a substitute for medicine. Also, these products should not claim of having one or more medical properties. Cong Bin, who serves as an official with the law committee of the top legislature in China, said that the decision to constrict advertising of health care products was taken since a majority of such products manufactured in the country contains traditional medicinal ingredients, which can have varied results. He also mentioned that regulations with regards to the health care products should be further strengthened to make it compulsory for the producers who use unlisted ingredients to register the same with the committee. 

The law will stipulate the health care programs broadcasted on television or radio not to promote any specific health care product. 

These stricter regulations are introduced at a time when the market for healthcare product is witnessing exponential growth especially among senior citizens of the country who are more likely to believe that these products have the capability of curing chronic diseases.