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China to Bring About Effective Reforms in the Healthcare Sector

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Published on : May 11, 2015

According to the latest reports, the economy of China will soon be increasing the amount that it spends on healthcare. As a result, the subsidies on healthcare are likely to surge by 19%. The primary rationale behind taking such as step is for China to strengthen the safety nets and also enhance social reforms in the country. This was stated by the Chinese government on Saturday. 

It has been decided that the total amount of healthcare subsidies on qualified rural and urban residents will be increased from 320 yuan the year earlier to almost 380 yuan this year. This data was released on the official website of China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission. The government also expressed, that the necessary steps and measures will be taken in order to bring down the costs of medical checks and even the cost of drugs. 

The reforms will also include reforms in the incomes of people working in the healthcare sector of China. This in turn is expected to enhance availability of medical specialists and doctors in several rural areas of China. A glaring challenge facing the China healthcare sector is the paucity of doctors and medical specialists. The insufficient availability of healthcare personnel has been a major problem in China for a rather long time now. 

One of the main factors which have led to such a problem is because of low wages. Also, this has had other adverse effects on the medical sector and it has also been noticed that many a times, doctors in China accept bribes that come from frustrated and disappointed patients who are keen on receiving proper and standard medical attention.