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China to Boost Their Education Sector by Combining Skills from the East and the West

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Published on : Aug 24, 2015

Recently, BBC documentary, ‘Are Our Kids Tough Enough?’ was organized at a Chinese School. The main aim behind conducting this documentary was to study the cultural conflicts amongst the Chinese teachers and British students. Initially, the foreign audience, mocked at many teachers and professors from middle schools from China and also thought that Chinese style education would be a failure. A month later, the foreign audience was surprised, when they saw that a few British students, who were taught by Chinese teachers, outperformed their peers in subjects like science and mathematics by 10 points. 

The BBC documentary should be considered as an exceptional attempt of getting the education sector in the Western and Eastern China together. Instead of considering it as a reality show, the documentary should be considered as an opportunity to broadly discuss the education sector in China. It should be an opportunity for the people to understand, what education is and what standards are to be followed in order to identify the quality of education. Scores can only measure the understanding of the students about any particular subject. Scores cannot evaluate or judge whether a particular education system is superior to the other. There are many standards to determine the country’s educational system. The most important standard it whether the students and the teachers get benefitted from the education system. 

The capacity to cultivate different talents in the society is another important criteria to determine the standard of the country’s education system. A country always requires students with different caliber, who can excel in different professions. Western countries such as The United States and the United Kingdom have already started to plan to use the merits in the education system of China. 

In today’s globalized era, the education system from the West and the East can work together to conclude to the best education system, which would benefit the country as a whole.