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China to Ban VPN

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Published on : Jul 12, 2017

China is blocking the most popular way of accessing websites which is based outside the country - virtual private networks. The government of the nation has ordered a ban on VPNs for individuals but companies can register their use of leased web access lines. China has been known to control the internet which its citizens are allowed to see, however the latest ban is advancements in China’s motto of asserting cyber control over the web within its borders.

Not in the Interest of Nation? You Will be Blocked!

China blocks all contents which it deems unfit for its citizens to see. Any content which may be contrary to the interests of the nation, including the anything against its ruling communist party is blocked. Social networks, pornography, entertainment, or even news sites that are voicing any opinion that may not be “in the interest” of the nation are blocked. Aptly nicknamed, the Great Firewall, China’s web filter limits not only what a user can see, but also scrubs keywords relating to sensitive topics such as the 1989 crackdown on protestors in Tiananmen Square, and controls what a user can send while working in tandem with companies. As Google refused to have its results censored by the country, it decided to quit China in 2010 and this led to the government’s ban on most of the services by Google.

Blocked and Affected Sites

Some of the sites blocked are New York Times, Google Scholar, and the Wall Street Journal. Some of the foreign social media sites affected are YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In the mainland, all media are licensed by the Chinese government. In addition to this, several outlets practice in-house censorship.