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China Telecom Refuses Slow Internet Connection being one of their Sales Tricks

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Published on : Aug 12, 2015

China has always been a major contributor to the global telecommunication and wireless market. Recently, one of the leaders of the telecommunication and wireless market, China Telecom, was in news. China Telecom was one of the participants of the telecommunication exhibition that was held in Shanghai.

As per Shanghai Daily, few people claimed that slow connectivity was used by China Telecom as a trick to drive business. China Telecom denied the claims by saying that slow internet connectivity was not a part of their business strategy to pull more customers towards their premium services.

Users who were trying to connect to overseas websites like Apple’s App Store and Amazon, faced certain connectivity issues. Shanghai Television conducted a test, which proved that the account holders of China Telecom had to wait for almost 10 minutes to open Microsoft website’s home page. As per the internet speed test conducted by China TV station, China Telecom Shanghai was operating at a speed as slow as 1 kilobit per second. Slow internet connection was merely because of increase in the number of users, stated the resources from China Telecom. 

The test report also proved that accessing foreign sites was very time consuming in evening period, when internet is being used the most. Availability of limited internet connections could be another reason behind slow connectivity. Some of the users claimed that this was a marketing strategy of China Telecom to pull more customers towards their prime plan. China Telecom had lately offered its new package, International Elite Network scheme, priced at 200 yuan per month to enable faster internet connectivity to the overseas sites.

China telecommunication and wireless sector is working on improving the international connections so as to avoid such glitches in near future. The capacity of international network servers is also being upgraded. As per the general manager of internet operations department of China Telecom Shanghai, Xu Zhenyu, the work will be completed till September 2015.