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China Telecom Partners with Nokia Networks for Flexi Xone TD-LTE Solutions for Xiamen Marathon

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Published on : Feb 17, 2015

A leading telecom service provider in China, called China mobile has opted for Nokia Networks to set up its Flexi Zone TD-LTE solutions of small cell for the Xiamen Marathon to be organized in 2015. The Chinese telecommunications company has been successful in enhancing its network capacity so as to manage a bolstered traffic in wireless data during the international sports event to be hosted by China. 

During the event, unfathomable online traffic cluttered the internet space of the country. The network reached at its peak which is 6500 4G LTE users that sums up to as many as forty five thousand spectators which used different kinds of mobile applications to capture videos and pictures of the event as well as share them across their internet circuit. Partnering with Nokia Network’s Flexi Zone helped China Mobile to manage wireless data that registered 400 simultaneous and active LTE users across individual base stations. The number of LTE users was four to eight times more than the number of simultaneous users in the outdoor small cells. 

The company claims that partnering with Nokia Flexi Zone was a good decision taken by them, since Nokia Flexi Zone base stations helped China Mobile to deliver a hundred percent availability throughout the event. It was registered that the company successfully made available key performance indicators (KPIs) that accounted for almost 99.8 percent of the internet accessed during the entire event.

Meanwhile, in what could be referred to as yet another feather on cap, China Mobile, the largest telecom operator in the world on the basis of subscriber base, enrolled 19 million 4G users in December 2014 that brought the 4G subscriber base to a total of 90.1 million users in 2014.