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China Set to Inaugurate its First Offshore College in Melbourne

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Published on : Nov 30, 2015

China is ready to inaugurate its first offshore college at a building that was purchased at a central location in Melbourne. Huashang College has invested around $12 mn for the campus where the new Global Business College of Australia is set to be inaugurated on Wednesday 2nd December. The college is expected to have all instructions in Australia and English where students from China and other countries will be enrolled. According to the Chinese authorities, around 200,000 students from China are already studying in different Australian colleges, schools, and universities. Lower Australian dollar boosted this number recently. 

China president Xi Jinping has motivated the services sector of the country to drive the country’s economic transformation. China has chosen Australia to play a key role in professionally testing its pathway towards such internationalization. The Huashang Education Group, owned by a large Chinese conglomerate, offers services to around 35,000 students. The group also operates the Guangdong University of Finance and Economics, a business focused private college. Instead of signing a joint venture with an Australian university, the Huashang Education Group has decided to go ahead alone towards acquiring two buildings on the La Trobe Street in the city of Melbourne. One of the buildings will be for the college while the other will accommodate the students taking admission to the college. 

The first set of students is expected to arrive in mid-2016. An Australia based advisory board will be established, which will include, On-kit Tam, a principal consultant to date, who recently returned to the teaching line after several years as a professor of finance at the RMIT University. Prof. Tam said that he is very excited and waiting for this opportunity. According to the GBCA Melbourne campus, Australia’s Beijing-based education commissioner for North Asia, David Dukes is also expected to attend the launch on Wednesday.