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China Seals 19,000 Plants, Construction Sites Prior to Victory Parade

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Published on : Aug 18, 2015

On September 3, a victory parade is planned at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the official surrender of the imperialist Japan.

To mark the event, Chinese authorities have laid orders for 19,000 construction sites and coal fired plants to be either shut down or reduce output prior to the event, to mark China’s victory over Japan in the World War II, as stated by a local news agency. 

Earlier in the week, the Minister of Environmental Protection was cited by Xinhua announced a plan for clean air, the plan which is intrinsic for the success of the parade and general image of the capital city. This was stated ahead of the celebration of China’s victory over Japan in the Second World War. 

The Vice Mayor of Beijing commented that more than 10,000 factories with be either temporarily shut down or will have reduced production, and almost 9,000 construction sites are going to stop nationwide in the week of August 28 and September 4. 

The major source of air pollutants are expected to be cut by 405 in Beijing and almost 30% in other regions, as commented by the deputy mayor of Beijing.

The news agency cited the Ministry of Environmental Protection official stated that almost teams from the ministry will be inspecting the major polluting factories.

A clean air plan has been chalked out by the Minster of Environmental Protection, to mark the celebrations. As much as 10,000 factories and construction sites will be shut down temporarily or will have reduced output for clean air to commemorate the victory.

As per a study carried by the non-profit climate research organization Berkeley Earth, air pollution kills 1.6 million in China each year, which is almost 4,000 per day, and is also the reason for 17 percent of the total deaths in China.