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China Nears Completion Island Construction on Disputed Waters

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Published on : Jun 16, 2015

Beijing has announced it will soon complete its island construction projects in the South China Sea which falls in between China and some of its Asian neighbors, all of which claim sovereignty on the disputed waters.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Foreign Ministry at China commented, the land recycling work on some of the reefs and islets located on the controversial Nansha Islands, called as Spratly Islands by China’s competitors, is going to be completed in the next few days.

It has been learned from relevant and competent Chinese departments, as planned, the land recovery project to carry construction project from China on some of the stationed reefs and islands of the Nansha Islands will be completed in the next upcoming days.

As per the statement, China has plans to construct infrastructure on the disputed islands for large number of economic activities that range from maritime search to scientific research to environmental conservation. 

The Chinese ministry has also defended construction on the Nansha Islands, which is located at the center of the disputed territory on South China Sea, further adding that the construction projects are in favor of civilian benefits, hence are reasonable, justified, and lawful.

The construction work that is going on has aggravated tensions between China and its neighboring countries. China claims dominion over all of the South China Sea, on which Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei, and Malaysia claim sovereignty partly. The disputed waters are said to be sitting atop large oil and gas reserves.

Beijing has announced several times that the construction activities are very much with the sovereign rights of China, emphasizing that most of the installations after completion will help navigation in the South China Sea.