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China Mulling New Norms for Emerging E-Cigarettes Market

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Published on : Jul 25, 2019

Owing to the rising popularity of e-cigarettes in the country, the Chinese government is mulling to regulating the flourishing e-cigarettes market. Chinese Health Authorities are willing to take introduce new regulations with focus on people’s health.

National Health Commission of China has initiated research to analyze the e-cigarettes market. The commission plans to issue well-organized legislation for the market. According to Mao Qunan, head of the Chinese Health Authority, the attempt set norms for e-cigarettes market is the result of strategic analysis of various startups. These startups have made huge profits through their products over the last decade. This has made China the largest market of smokers.

What Motivated the Government to Keep the Industry Under Check?

There are various vaping product suppliers in China. They range from small scale businesses to giants. Most of these players may suffer with the new regulations when impemented. There are some e-cigarette promoters who believe that these vaping products can help a person quit smoking.

On the other hand, some researchers believe that it is as addictive as conventional smoking products. However, it because of the growing trend of smoking among the country’s youth that made health authorities to derive regulations for the flourishing market.

Health Authority of China believes that aerosol produced by smoking e-cigarettes can contain extremely harmful substances in abundance. There are speculations, that the new norms shall monitor the amount of aerosol generated by the products. Also, the government shall place standards for manufacturing vaping devices as one of the clauses in the regulations.

According to Mao Qunan, extensive use of e-cigarettes can pose serious health risk for China’s youth. Nevertheless, it is important for the authorities to keep the industry under constant check and ensure the well-being of its people.