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China may Reach its Emissions Peak before Deadline of 2030

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Published on : Oct 06, 2015

China is infamous for being the world’s biggest polluter. Due to this high rate of pollution in China, the health of people in the nation has suffered drastically. Heavy smog can be seen in various parts of China. Urban smogs resulted in around 670,000 number of deaths in the year 2012. In order to curb this issue of smogs, the government of the country along with other non-government organizations have taken stringent measures to cut down the greenhouse gas emissions in the nation.

It is projected that China might be able to reach its carbon gas emissions peak before the deadline of 2030. This puts a great burden on Australia as it is one of its top trading partner for renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. Policymakers in China are working dedicatedly to make sure the emissions peaked before the schedule of 2030 in a joint climate deal with the United States in the beginning of this year.

Furthermore, there is a huge potential for clean energy R&D and deployment between Australia and China. In the globe, a quarter of new renewable energy investment comes from China, which is estimated around $1.8tn investment. It is expected that China would greatly benefit from the abundance of clean energy resources that Australia has.

In the past decades, it was considered by China that to address climate change would cost it money. However, this perception has changed as China is now investing substantial amount of money to address the climate change as not addressing it would have cost them even more. China is involved intensely in developing clean energy technologies. Also, this research and development has led to more economic opportunities. Hence, other countries should also consider this and seize the opportunity of developing and deploying clean energy technologies than just talking about how much it would cost them

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