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China Instituted New South China Fleet for Maritime Militia

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Published on : Jul 31, 2015

China is building another fishing fleet at the South China Sea for its sea state army in a move that could increase provincial question, a specialist told at a gathering at the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) on Wednesday. China's maritime militia, one of the understudied offices in the activity of Chinese maritime power ordinarily utilizes civilian vessels for fishing for a scope of missions from safeguarding stranded vessels to directing questionable island arrivals. 

While voices in China have since a long time ago required their consideration in exercises, this would be the first occasion when the militia would have its independent fishing fleet, a help for the world's biggest exporter and producer of fish and sea food consumer. President Xi Jinping’s discourse added energy to the improvement of the oceanic civilian army, with numerous seaside urban areas setting up units and voices calling for more bolster and assets dedicated to preparing fleets and building new vessels. 

The research associate in Singapore’s Rajaratnam School of International Studies, named Zhang Hongzhou stated that maritime militia could utilize patriotism in the form of a cover to attempt unlawful exercises such as to poach ocean turtles, coral reefs, and other imperiled species which endangers China's universal picture. They could likewise complete audacious operations in disputed waters by going past China's nine-dash line, along these lines stirring territorial strains with neighboring states. How these dangers are addressed by China is still to be experienced because the fleet specifics are still hazy owing to its size and the advancement. 

Zhang stated that China's Hainan Province has requested the building of 84 expansive vessels for militia fishing in favor of the Sansha City. The fleet presently has just four vessels and ten vessels for fishing will be brought in by 2015. The full improvement of the fleet is along these lines prone to take sooner or later and will take some more years according to Zhang.