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China Healthcare Sector Witnesses Uneven Development

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Published on : Jul 27, 2015

The healthcare industry of China has failed to show even and uniform development which has lead to a certain pressure on the healthcare sector. The classification of hospitals is on the basis of grades. Grade I hospitals refer to the small ones which are only equipped with basic diagnostic and testing devices. Whereas, the grade III ones are by far the largest with the best medical technologies and diagnostic equipment. 

There is also a marked difference in the medical staff as well since majority of the doctors and other medical specialists prefer working in grade III hospitals. The healthcare quality also depends immensely on the location of the hospitals. The best medical facilities are offered in tier one cities and these are the ones that are successful in attracting the best and the highly desired talent. 

The population of China is close to 1.4 billion with 16% of the total population comprising the above 60 population. The geriatric population in China will only increase with the passage of time. It is anticipated that by 2030, the total geriatric population in China will increase to 23% of the total population. Medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes is also increasing rapidly owing to changing lifestyles and diet patterns. 

The healthcare system in China is a highly burdened one because of a rapidly growing geriatric population and the rising incidence of lifestyle diseases. This condition is becoming even more severe because of uneven development. Grade III hospitals are the ones that face overcrowding and most grade I and II hospitals are not being utilized efficiently which is leaving them underutilized. 

On a positive note, the healthcare system in China is slowly evolving primarily when it comes to government regulations and policies. Recently, China declared that it would be open towards foreign investment in the area of institutional healthcare services for the aged.