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China Contributing Towards Construction of Deep-water Harbor at Arkhangelsk port

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Published on : Aug 13, 2015

Poly Technologies Inc., along with Igor Orlov, the acting governor of Arkhangelsk Region, attended a meeting where a common interest was discussed regarding construction of deep water harbor at Arkhangelsk port. Belkomur project suggesting the construction of new marine transport center was started long time back and it will be soon initiated, said Igor Orlov. The Chinese delegates are expected to contribute their potential towards construction of deep-water Harbor at Arkhangelsk port. 

The chief representative of Chinese delegation, Sun Lin said that it will be an encouraging project for the construction industry in China. He further added that China’s experience in constructing port infrastructure in foreign land, financially strong base, and availability of technically advanced construction materials will help them complete the project. Deep-water harbor and Belkomur are the priority developments for the Arkhangelsk region. 

Igor Orlov is an active associate of the State Commission for Arctic Development Issues. Recently, an issue was raised by Igor Orlov regarding the construction of deep-water in Arkhangelsk port. As per his recommendations, the Ministry of Transport was asked to include this construction project in their state program, ‘Social and Economic Development of Russia’s Arctic Zone through 2020’. This construction project is expected to be one of the achievements for the construction industry in China. 

The construction project will include development of a new port frame, which will be located 55 km North of Arkhangelsk port. China aims to construct the new deep-water harbor at Arkhangelsk port which will have an annual capacity of around 45 mln t. The main aim behind constructing the new deep-water harbor at Arkhangelsk is to welcome vessels with large capacity and deadweight of around 100,000 t. The new deep-water harbor will be located centrally to China and Europe. The travel distance for cargoes, from China to Europe will be reduced by almost 40% as compared to the journey through the Suez Canal.