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China Constructs Nine-Story Building Illegally in Spratlys

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Published on : May 19, 2015

China is going ahead with illegitimate construction of a nine-story building on an artificially constructed island. This is going on atop the island which its forces built previously on the submerged Hughes Reef. The artificially built island is part of Vietnam’s Truong Sa group of islands in Esat Vietnam Sea which Beijing has unlawfully occupied since 1988.

Troung Sa, the island district is located in the province of Khanh in the south-central region. Through a number of sources and through direct monitoring, it is revealed China is working on a nine-story building on the Hughes Reef after it was claimed as an artificial island. This was commented by deputy chairman of Truong Sa Island District People’s Committee Colonel Ngo DUY Do.

The nine-story building which is being developed by Beijing is nearing completion as revealed by photographs taken by reporters.

The speed of the construction is very fast, as commented by Colonel Do who also heads as the deputy commander in the Naval Zone 4 in Brigade 146.

The artificial island is revealed to be L in shape having an area of around 10 hectares. And exactly opposite to the nine-floor building is a tower which is almost the same height. 

On top of this China has shipped perennials, predominantly coconuts from mainland to the artificial island and grown right in from of the buildings.

As reported by news agency Tuoi Tre, the island was bustling with activity which included large cranes, concrete mixing unit. Additionally, there were also two large cargo ships to carry sand and coral from the surrounding waters to continue filling activity in the artificial island.