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China Commences Construction on Natural Gas Pipeline Project to Russia

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Published on : Jun 30, 2015

China has commenced construction of the 3968 km long pipeline to Russia. The gas pipeline will be laid between the far east of Russia to Shanghai which will pump 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas as the two nations firm up energy cooperation.

In a televised inauguration ceremony that happened simultaneously at Moscow, Beijing, and Heihe in northeast China, the Chinese vice Premier Zhang Gaoli was joined was by the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev yesterday.

As commented by Zhang, the Chinese side of the project is ready to commence work with the Russian side so that the work is completed on time as scheduled for 2018. The pipeline which will run from the gas fields in Far East Russia to Shanghai is planned to pump 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas every year from Russia to China.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Zhang said that the East Route pipeline project counts as the largest cooperative project between China and Russia, which will diversify energy strategy and guarantee energy security for both countries.

In September last year, construction commenced on the Russian section of the project, which in Russia is known as Power of Siberia pipeline.

Zhang further said the two countries should enter into long term cooperation on oil, gas development and coal mining integration, natural gas pipeline, and power generation and transmission.

The Chinese leader also said, the two countries should expand investment cooperation overall, finance, agriculture, manufacturing capacity, high speed rail, and development of the far east region as Beijing tries to advance ties with Moscow, the country whose economy is struggling due to sanctions imposed by EU and US consequent upon Russia’s takeover of Crimea.

The leader further said, the two countries need to integrate the initiative pertaining to Silk Road Economic Belt in China.