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China Approves Import of Two New GMO Crops: Agriculture Ministry

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Published on : Jul 17, 2017

China’s agriculture ministry has said in a statement that two genetically modified crops were approved for import from the United States. These approvals come after import approvals for two more genetically modified crops in the country the previous month. The crops, namely Monsanto's 87427 glyphosate-resistant corn, marketed under the brand name Roundup Ready, and Syngenta's 5307 insect-resistant corn, which is marketed under the brand name Agrisure Duracade, have been approved on July 16 for a period of three years.

The approvals denote encouraging developments in the China genetically modified crops arena and come after the country promised to accelerate the process of reviewing pending applications regarding imports of genetically modified crops as a part of the recent 100-day trade discussions with the U.S. Previous month, China had approved Enlist corn by Dow Chemical and Vistive Gold soybean by Monsanto.

Although these four approvals mean a great deal for a market like China, which does not allow planting of genetically modified crops, four more products still await approval for sales in the country. China is one of the leading export markets for agricultural products from the U.S. Although the country does not permit the agricultural cultivation of genetically modified food crops, it allows the import of genetically modified crops such as corn and soybean for use in the country’s animal feed industry. Approval of new forms of genetically modified crops also takes several years in the country, compelling agrochemical companies to restrict their marketing and sales in the country during the review process.