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China and Cuba to Increase Cooperation in Biotechnology

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Published on : Jun 29, 2015

China and Cuba are ready to increase cooperation in the biotechnology sector according to the Cuban News Agency (ACN).

The joint working group on biotechnology will meet on Monday and Tuesday in Havana, and this is the 8th meeting. The meeting will involve review of the advancements made of the existing contract.

The Cuban biotech group BioCubaFarma’s representative Dayana Martinez Torrez, said that the meeting will be a collection of approximately 100 agents from China and Cuba. A new agreement will be drawn during the meeting that will describe the guidelines for biotech cooperation for the coming years. The meeting of the representatives this year will concentrate on sanitary regulations, health, agroculture, neurotechnology and science.

The meeting will be addressed by Carlos Gutierrez, the president of BioCubaFarma, and China’s National Development and Reform Commission’s deputy director will speak for the  Chinese side. Both public and private biotech companies are anticipated to provide the outcomes of bilateral collaboration efforts till date and present future agreement forecasts .

The Chinese group is scheduled to visit an industrial facility and deep water shipping port  near Havana the Mariel Port Special Development Zone as well as the 50th anniversary ceremony of National Center for Scientific Research. 

Cuba’s government had amalgamated 38 various biotech and pharmaceutical companies into BioCubaFarma to combine the nation’s biotech industry. Through this merging of the biotech companies there is potential of increasing revenues from exports to foreign countries as well as to manufacture advanced medications that would help avoid expensive imports of medical drugs into the country.

China and Cuba are moving to unite for improved cooperation and bilateral relations. During the Chinese Vice Premier’s visit to Cuba, Raul Castro the Cuban President of the Council State of Cuba had remarked about the two nations potential to cooperate in various sectors including biotechnology, agriculture and renewable energy and to forge the bond between the two nations.