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Published on : Jul 01, 2015

China and China held a two-day meeting in order to expand cooperation between them in the field of biotechnology. The participants of 8th Cuba-China Joint Working Group on biotechnology meeting evaluated the progress made on the existing agreements. The agenda for mutual cooperation for the next two years was also discussed in the meeting.

Almost 100 representatives from various pharmaceuticals, biotech companies and research institutes from both the countries participated in the event. This event was concluded with the signing of cooperation agreement between the National Development and Reform Commission (CNDR) of China and the biotech group of Cuba, BioCubaFarma. However, 

The Vice President of Cuba Mr. Miguel Diaz-Canel was present to attend the first day of the session, where five key areas of biotech application such as sanitary regulations, neurotechnology and science, industry, health, and agriculture were discussed among the participants.

Mr. Lin Nianxiu, the deputy director at the CNDR, stated that the collaboration in the biotech field had been beneficial for both the nation in the previous decade.

Dr. Carlos Gutierrez, the president, BioCubaFarma, addressed the audience in the opening of the session. He stated that the cooperation in the area of biotechnology has become one of the key force driving the relationship between Beijing and Havana given its owing to the ‘great outlook’ of this collaboration.

Cuba and China began their cooperative activities in the biotech field in 2004, the then Chinese president, Mr. Hu Jintao visited Cuba. At present, many of the Chinese biotech and pharmaceutical enterprises are involved in over 30 joint ventures with their Cuban counterparts.

China is said to have spent almost 500 billion Yuan on the manufacturing and sales of biotech products in recent years.