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Chilled and Deli Foods Market to be Driven by Rising Number of Working Women and Improved Economic Conditions in Asia Pacific

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Published on : Feb 25, 2016

The global market for chilled and deli foods is another flourishing segment of the global food and beverages industry. The market has seen significant growth in the past few years owing majorly to the rising demand for ready to eat food products from the rapidly rising population of people residing in urban parts of the world.

Improving economic conditions of developing regions and rising disposable incomes of the population in these regions are leading to an increased demand for luxury food items. Specialty food segments such as chilled and deli foods have also observed significant popularity owing to this trend, especially in the developing parts of the globe.

In developed regions such North America and Europe, the busy lifestyles and high disposable incomes are the chief factors rising demand for ready to eat foods. Readily available food products offer convenient, filling, and healthy food options to busy people on the go. Chilled and deli foods, which are considered comparatively healthier to frozen food products, are also high in demand owing to rise in consumer awareness about healthy food options.

In Europe, the market for chilled and deli foods is expected to be driven by the rise in health awareness among consumers and an increased demand for products such as pre-packed sandwiches.

A variety of product types are served by the global chilled and deli foods market, including pre-packed sandwiches, pies, savory appetizers, meats, prepared salads, etc. Currently, the segment of pre-packed sandwiches is the largest revenue generator in the global chilled and deli foods market. Pre-packed sandwiches are highly popular among consumers as they offer a complete and balanced diet and are available in easy to eat packaging and are easy to consume. The economic price structures of most pre-packed sandwiches also make them a hit among young population.

Pies and savory appetizers are also highly popular in the global market for deli and chilled foods. The demand for these food products is especially high in Asia Pacific owing to the large population base of younger population in the region.