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Child’s Success Depends on Father’s Education Level: Study

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Published on : Sep 24, 2014

A father’s level of education is the strongest attribute that can determine a child’s success in academics, according to a research conducted in Britain. It also says that there is a self-reinforcing cycle of lack of achievement and poverty that is handed down from parent to child.

The report was released by the Office for National Statistics and states that children are seven and a half times more likely to fail at school activities if their fathers had failed to achieve, as compared to the children with extremely educated fathers.

The education of the mother was reported to be less important with a three times more likelihood of a sub-standard educational outcome if the mother had a lower level of education.

The research performed by ONS also revealed that low education levels are the biggest reason for continuance of poverty in the U.K. Those with a lower education level are five times more likely to be in poverty, in comparison to those that possess a high level of education.

Helena Barnard, the research and policy manager at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation said that there was minimal indication of low aspirations in poor families to be linked to the educational outcome and the cycle of poverty. She also said that there is however, an indication for parents and children in poor families to have lowered expectation as the children grow. Parents might not have the ability and the resources to help their children, or might stop believing that their children will be able to achieve high ambitions.

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