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Children’s Vitamins and Their Problems

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Published on : Jun 15, 2015

The dietary supplements display in the kid’s section looks colorful and attractive with bottles and containers in different shapes and cute varieties. The bottled vitamins such as Yummi Bears, Dolphin Pals and Dino Eggs appear irresistible to children of specific age groups.  There are dietary supplements for different ages including pre-teens and teenagers. 

The term dietary supplement is wide-ranging and includes an extensive variety and is currently a lucrative business. The industry has grown by 27% in the last five years and includes probiotics, vitamins, herbs, botanicals, and many other varieties. The pediatric supplements form a big part of this industry and was valued at $573 million according to a market research report. Vitamins are the most popular among this group and the market research firm Euromonitor estimates that one third of U.S. children have a vitamin each day.

The dietary supplements for children promise myriad health benefits. At present the top seller is Vitamin D as the dangers of Vitamin D deficiencies were highlighted in a recent report. The main issue with these supplements that the contents and labels don’t match. There have been cases reported of children suffering from nausea, fever, and vomiting after consuming fish oil pills that had excessive concentration of vitamin D, due to a manufacturing error. Another case was reported of a 11 day old premature baby dying after taking a course of probiotic powder that was contaminated.

Health advocates wants regulatory measures for manufacturing such dietary drugs. The world’s Vitamin C mostly comes from China which is well known for not having good quality control. The standards are not always followed. Majority of children don’t eat the required amount of vegetables. So what do parents do to provide the right food supplements to children? The best action is to follow what the doctor advises and follow a balanced diet.