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Chief Trends Fuelling the Biopharma Industry, Increasing Approvals by the FDA on Top

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Published on : Feb 08, 2016

The biopharma industry has been excelling since past many years, recently the U.S. biopharma industry has hit a milestone with the launch of Sandoz’s/Novartis Zarxio which is the foremost bio similar drug to achieve a regulatory permission within the U.S. The prime trends impacting today’s biopharma and their impact on the life sciences’ future are as follows:

  • Increasing Approvals by the FDA for a Large Number of Drugs to Continue: FDA has stayed as a paragon of swift fire in case of drug approvals. However, recently this agency is on a mission to give approval for drugs for the cases of orphan drug products, unmet medical needs, and for drugs that exhibit advantage over the already present medications. 
  • Pharma and Healthcare Seen as the Next Big Things by Tech Giants: 10 years from now, the companies such as Google, Apple, and IBM reminded us computer images, search engines, and devices such as iPods. They play the same role now too with addition to the fact that these companies are prime players in healthcare also. These companies are partnering with a number of biopharma firms. Not very long, Google had announced a big restructure in a holding company called Alphabet that is a storehouse of a number of firms such as Google X, Google Ventures, and Calico.
  • The Job Landscape of Biopharma Experiencing a Massive Change: A number of changes have been seen via job within life sciences and this is poised to continue in the future where mergers and acquisitions are ongoing occurrences. The other most important change within the pharma workforce is the swiftly shifting role of the sales reps in pharmaceuticals.  The job isn’t dying off by any means but as government programs and payers have become more involved within the drug marketing realm. 

Thus, the number of acquisitions and mergers in the past years aren’t just limited to the industry of pharma. The leaders in insurance such Anthem and Cigna as well as Aetna and Humana have been taking huge takeover deals from both the stakeholders and the congress. Pharma firms and biotech has been experiencing an outstanding consolidation level in the past few years and this trend is poised to continue in the coming years.