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Chemicals Discovered on Mars Indicate the Possibility It Ones Might Have Supported Life

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Published on : Mar 25, 2015

The traces of nitrate found on the surface of Mars, could be an indication that the planet ones sustained life. Nitrogen is the key element that supports life on Earth, and the discovery of nitrate on Mars indicates that there is high possibility that red planet ones sustained life. However, this should not be taken as a clue that there is life on planet at present; nevertheless, one cannot take away the possibility for Mars being habitable. 

The Mars Science Laboratory, better known as MSL, located compounds which contain nitrogen in sediments that it scooped from the surface of the Red Planet. The authors of a new paper discussing the findings of the Mars explorations mentioned, that the discovery of indigenous nitrogen on martian surface connotes implications indicating habitability, and the possibility of the evolution of habitable nitrogen cycle on the planet at some point. 

Scientists from NASA believe, nitrogen might have got to the planet following a massive asteroid impact, or may be some kind of eruption or lighting generated during a volcanic explosion. The theory was more likely than the possibility of nitrate having self created itself. 

Nitrates are key components laying the building blocks of life on Earth, and it is by far the only form which is known to the universe that could potentially sustain life. If nitrogen is found in the surface of Mars, it is possible to form the basis components that support life such as DNA, RNA, and amino acids. 

However, the scientists will now focus their research on studying whether the process of creating nitrate is constant and still happening in the planet. They would also research to find out whether the nitrate was formed in the past, when Mars had a different regime of climate and totally different layer of atmosphere.