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Ceramic Coatings Necessary for Automotive Components, Patent Applications Set New Trends

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Published on : Jan 11, 2016

First used at the time of World War I, ceramic coatings were developed for the protection of low-carbon steel for high temperature applications by the National Bureau of Standards in the U.S. These were used for the exhaust systems of aircraft and other transportation vehicles for few reasons such as – high resistance to cracking and chipping in conditions of repeated thermal shock, protecting the metal against oxidation if exposed to temperatures as high as 1,250° F for prolong periods of time, free of cracking and blistering that are conventional porcelains enamels are subject to under similar conditions, and mat finish of the coating that is not highlighted and, therefore, is less visible.

With high usability of these coatings for the automotive, aircraft, and semiconductor industries, the high-performance ceramic coatings industry has excellent growth prospects in the years to come. In automotive, vanes, engine components, turbine blades, and other vehicle equipment are the components, wherein ceramic coating is used for excellent thermal as well as protection against corrosion and wear and tear. 

The semiconductor industry also exhibits a high demand for high-performance ceramic coatings. In present times, the flourishing semiconductors industry, due to their extensive utilization in microprocessor chips of electronic devices, is, in turn benefitting the ceramic coatings industry to protect these devices. 

Since inception, ceramic coatings have improved leaps and bounds in terms of functionality. The coatings that are presently used protect components from fire, wear, corrosion, heat, and abrasion. Zircotec Ltd, a leader in the manufacturing of ceramic coatings has developed a host of ultra-high performance ceramic coatings that are highly effective for certain applications. This includes exhaust system components such as exhaust headers, turbochargers, exhaust manifolds, cat boxes, and tailpipes, predominantly meant to protect sensitive parts from heat adversities. 

In automotive, if used as an exhaust coating it helps to reduce the under bonnet temperatures, increase the performance of the engine, help resolve engine packaging problems, and enhance engine compartment safety. As prescribed by statutory mandates, ThermoHold®, which is the proprietary formulation, the ceramic coatings based on this can only be applied by Zircotec. The undergoing advancement includes a series of patent applications to protect Zircotec’s technology.