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Century Old Vancouver Sheet Metal Enterprise Shutters

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Published on : May 21, 2015

A Vancouver based metal works business in operation for almost 100 years, known for custom metal works shuttered this week. 

The business known as Main Sheet Metal Works, a fabrication shop for sheet-metal on Main Street which is wedged between Pacific Central Station and Chinatown has existed for more than ninety years. 

As commented by a third generation member of the Grant Family, the business has been wonderful. The current owner, Trixi Grant, who turns 65 this June, is looking forward to retire. As commented by the family member who works in the store, it is sad that they were not able to find a buyer to keep it running. 

The profitable business was listed in the market about one year ago, but had no luck. This week on Thursday, the equipment and machinery will be put for auction. This week on Wednesday, throngs of people stopped by at the store to check out large numbers of saws and welders, shearing machines, and other tools that have been put up for sale.

The inventory consists of equipment dating back to 1920, which as per the family member can create pieces with workmanship and details that modern machinery cannot accomplish.

The store is located in its present location since 1929, a1905 heritage building, which has the original wood façade. The store is located between a modern Italian restaurant and Ivanhoe hotel. 

In 1920s after the Second World War, the Grant family took ownership of the business partly, wherein the first member of the Grant family started apprentice. He took full ownership of the store in 1970.