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Cancer Hotels in China Reveals the Poor Conditions of Rural Patients

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Published on : May 05, 2015

These buildings which look very shabby from outside showcase the sorry state of affairs in the Chinese healthcare sector. Sick and terminally ill patients often sell their homes to come and stay in these two-storey buildings in Beijing are located a few hundred meters from the top cancer treatment hospital of the country. 

The miserable looking buildings are commonly known as “cancer hotels”. These rest houses have become popular in the last couple of years since they provide a temporary and very affordable accommodation for hundreds of patients diagnosed with cancer, who visit this part of the country to get treated in the most reputed cancer hospital. Needless to say, the patients and their families more than often have to compromise with the accommodation facilities in the cancer hotels, to save some money after the treatment which is both physically and financially devastating.

Reports say, one can easily hear the sobs of agony as patients walk across the hallways bashed with pain. Many of these people come from a modest background. Far from their homeland, they put up in these cancer hotels to get treatment that is not available in the smaller cities and rural hinterlands of China.

People living in these hotels often come from rural areas. The usually stay in these guest houses as they wait for surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy at hospitals located nearby. However, as told by many sufferers these lodgings neither have adequate facilities nor satisfactory nursing care. However, there is a communal kitchen that allows those lodging in the hotel to cook their own food, lead a cheap life, get support from the fellow sufferers. 

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