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Cable-free Charging Device Launched by the UPV

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Published on : Aug 21, 2014

A wireless energy transfer technology device has been developed by the researchers at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV). The striking feature of this device is that one can charge electronic devices like laptops and mobile phones without using cables. 

This patented system of the UPV makes use of resonators which have photonic crystals in which one is set on the equipment that needs to be charged and the other acts as the medium by which energy is transmitted. Both these resonators create resonant coupling phenomena which actually help to charge the device. When the resonant element and a resonant object possessing equal or similar frequencies are brought close to each other, it gives rise to this phenomenon. Physical proximity is very important for the charging to take place. Wireless mice, keyboards and speakers can efficiently use this device as a source of power supply. Apart from being applied in consumer electronics, this device can also be used in the industrial sector like for providing power to bioelectric devices, robots and guided vehicles. 

This research study was published for the very first time in the Annals of Physics magazine in June 2013. The Wave Phenomena Group engineers are currently developing the first prototype after calculating the system’s performance and the initial lab simulations.

According to the UPV researchers even though this may seem a futuristic invention, it needs a strong charging infrastructure to finally become universal. In fact this device follows the working of the WiFi technology.

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