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By Law: Cigarette Packets in Britain to be Barred of Brand Name

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Published on : Mar 17, 2015

The Britain’s upper house of parliament has made a new law as a measure to stop the significant growth of the cigarette market of Europe and discourage people from taking up smoking or continuing its habitual usage. Plans regarding the ban of the name of a certain brand on cigarette packaging in England have been making rounds of Britain courts in the past year. Now, the upper house of parliament of Britain has made this a reality by approving the plan, which means that cigarette packets in England will come without the name of the producing brand.

The plan has just passed its final legal hurdle, when on Monday the supreme lawmakers of the country passed the law that cigarette packets have to be plain in England, and all cigarettes will now come in standardized packs.

The law will come into effect from as soon as May of 2016. After lawmakers in the lower house of parliament had backed the plan last week, a similar ruling was soon anticipated.

Britain Prime Minister David Cameron’s government is finally introducing the law after several years of political squabbling and private lobbying. The government says that the ruling will improve public health and help in reducing the huge number of child smokers in the country.

Deborah Arnott, the chief executive of a health charity organization Action on Smoking and Health said that the measure will count as a decisive measure in the long run and will help to bring an end to the struggles of patients and horrors that the tobacco industry has brought.

The last week, cigarette manufacturers had threatened that they will take legal actions if the ban was approved, stating that such action counts in infringed intellectual property rights and that such action would lead to smuggling and counterfeiting.