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Business Collaboration Between SiNode Systems and AZ Electronic Materials

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Published on : Nov 03, 2014

SiNode Systems Inc. and AZ Electronic Materials have entered into a business partnership which is a Joint development Agreement with the primary rationale of commercializing grapheme-based components for lithium-ion batteries. AZ Electronic Materials is a business unit of Merck KGaA, Germany and SiNode Systems Inc. is a materials science company with its headquarters at Chicago. AZ Electronic Materials is a global leader at manufacturing high-purity, and high quality specialty chemical materials which are used in the production of flat panel displays, LEDs, and semiconductors. 

AZ holds special global rights in incorporating high yield preparation techniques of graphene oxide. This technique was developed by Rice University’s research group led by Dr James Tour. And SiNode has global rights to silicon graphene electrode materials which were developed by Dr Harold Kung’s group at Northwestern University. 

As per the terms and conditions of the joint agreement between the two aforementioned entities, both SiNode and AZ will be engaged in producing graphene based electrode materials that will aim at delivering better rate capabilities and higher energy density. This will ensure faster charging and long lasting lithium ion batteries. 

The clubbing of SiNode’s new electrode materials technology and AZ’s graphene oxide will offer battery producers a noteworthy improvement in cell level performance. It has been observed via prototype tests that layering nanosilicon in between the porous graphene layers creates a passage for rapid lithium ion diffusion and at the same time it buffers silicon expansion during lithiation. This enables high rate high storage capacity with extended cycling stability. 

This collaboration between SiNode and AZ will help the former to increase the scale of production of their energy storage materials; and will help the latter in creating opportunities for bringing new material solutions to the customers.

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