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Burger King to now Serve Alcoholic Beverages in its UK Outlets

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Published on : Dec 01, 2015

A branch of Burger King in Suffolk has been granted a license for selling alcohol despite the move seeing objections from the local police. The Burger King branch on St Edmunds’ St Andrew's Street in Bury had applied for the permission to serve alcoholic beverages from 10 am to 11 pm for seven days in the week.

However, the local police had raised concerns that the restaurant will be not very well equipped for dealing with the ramifications of selling alcohol. They said that other facilities that serve alcohol are equipped with facilities such as CCTV, door staff, and substantial staff and suitable policies for identifying underage consumers.

Under the terms of the license granted to Burger King regarding selling alcoholic beverages, the restaurant will only be able to serve one beer per one adult person up until 9 pm, and no drinks will be permitted outside.

Burger King, which was founded in Florida in 1953, is planning to sell plastic bottles of American beer that can be consumed in its premises, according to a recent report.

The parent company of the restaurant chain, CPL Foods, is also looking to gain the permission for selling alcohol at branches in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Hull, and Blackpool. If the trial is successful, the restaurant chain is planning to introduce alcoholic beverages at more outlets in the UK.

Talking about the license application when it was submitted last month, a company spokesperson said that the company is just catching-up with the rest of the world with the move. However, it is highly unlikely that McDonald’s, the arch rival of the burger chain will follow suit. In one of the queries as to why McDonald’s does not sell beer like other European restaurants do, it responded saying that the company develops the menu based on what the consumers say that they like and want.

Burger King already serves alcohol in some of its outlets in the U.S. Venezuela, Singapore, and Spain.