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Bullies do not have Escape with New Algorithms

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Published on : Sep 18, 2019

Nowadays, online platforms and numerous social media sites are now playing an integral part in our lives. On these platforms, users come across both positive and negative comments. Recently cyberbullying increased significantly, where teens are bullied the most. Moreover, online bulling and criticism is mostly ambiguous making person’s identification difficult. Few social media owners have been making efforts to track down main of bullying, but not much has happened. However, with recent research in machine learning algorithms is capable of identifying aggressors and bullies on twitter. This new development ensures providing 90 percent accuracy while analyzing bullies and aggressors.

A 90% Chance to Eliminate Bullies on Social Media Platforms

A faculty at Binghamton University along with other researchers developed machine learning algorithms. Computer scientist Jeremy Blackburn for this university analyzed the behavioral pattern of abusive Twitter users. The objective behind this initiative is to track bullies. Researchers built crawlers—programs to gather data from Twitter through variety of mechanisms and gathered their tweets and network-related things. They also performed natural language processing along with sentiment analysis on their tweets. The researchers also analyzed variety of social network analyses on the connections between users. This helped them in developing algorithms that will automatically classify two explicit sorts of offensive online behavior – cyberaggression and cyberbullying. This helped in identifying abusive users with 90 percent accuracy, specifically those who gave death threats and made racist comments.

All this process reveals how quick algorithm learns and is capable of differentiating between typical users and bullies. More examples helped increasing accuracy of the algorithm analysis. Benefit of this algorithm will help Twitter and other social media platforms in removing problematic users. Though such developments are highly beneficial in removing bullies and their actions, but the scares they left of people can’t be removed.