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Broccoli Based Chemical Gives Hope For Treating Autism

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Published on : Oct 15, 2014

According to the inferences derived from a small scale clinical trial, the chemical that is extracted from the sprouts of broccoli possess certain anti-cancerous properties. Moreover, this chemical may be able to even treat behavioral symptoms in those suffering from autism spectrum disorders. This research study was carried out by the scientists of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and MassGeneral Hospital for Children. 

This included young men and teenage boys suffering from moderate to severe autism, between the age groups of 13 to 27. The researchers stated that those who received the chemical, called sulforaphane every day, observed significant behavioral improvements in verbal communication and social interactions with lower incidence of ritualistic and repetitive behaviors. 

A professor of molecular sciences and pharmacology has also expressed that this may just about be the very initial proof for treating autism and rectifying certain underlying cellular issues. However, this experiment has only provided certain crucial insights into the aspects which may in future help in treating autism. It is not the final answer to treating this rapidly spreading disorder. 

According to experts, autism affects about 1 to 2% of the world’s population with higher incidence in boys than in girls. It is characterized by poor verbal communication, poor social interactions, and similar behavioral changes. In spite of significant progress, the cause of autism still remains unknown. Many researchers and physicians have stated that several molecular and biochemical defects are related to this anomaly. And many if these defects relate to the effectiveness of energy generation in cells. The researchers and scientists engaged in this research study have also explained that the levels of sulforaphane vary in different varieties of broccoli.

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