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Britain to Improve Air Defense Over the Falkland Islands

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Published on : Mar 18, 2015

The United Kingdom has planned on updating and improving the air defense that is has over Falkland Islands. In order to start the same, the country will be introducing a competition for supplying a prime element that will be a part of the latest system that is ground based. The officials of the defense ministry recently gave a briefing to the industry on what it exactly requires for the C41 system of battle management. Prequalification questionnaires have already been issued to various contractors for carrying out the tasks. 

A representative from the ministry of defense refused to comment about the system that is meant for Falkland Islands. However, as per industry sources the system of the BMC41 has been scheduled to move towards the overseas territory of Britain which is situated in the South Atlantic region, almost 300 miles away from the Argentinean coast. 

This briefing that was conducted by the ministry of defense in February was attended by well known companies including Saab, Northrop Grumman, and Lockheed Martin. According to Britain, this contract falls within the category of B1 funding. This basically means that the BMC41 deal value is estimated within a range of US$147 million and US$250 million.  The system of command & control will be an integral part of the system of air defense which will include the Giraffe radar developed by Saab and the latest ground-to-air variant of missile created by the MBDA. The Giraffe radar is already operational in the British army. 

As per a spokesperson of the ministry of defense, the requirement of the BMC41 is at the moment going through the assessment stage. The final decision will be made by next year May.