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Britain Develops New Fuel Technology to Reduce Emissions

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Published on : Aug 29, 2017

Fossil fuel cars are major pollutants as they emit greenhouse gases that serve to destroy the environment. Realizing this scientists and automotive manufacturers worldwide are investing heavily on developing technologies that help bring down harmful emissions.

The latest in this direction is by Britain, which has developed a new revolutionary fuel technology that could dramatically slash emissions – almost 80% – and thereby save fuel.

It is a completely recyclable zero hydrogen additive product, developed by CGON – the British manufacturer. It can save up to 20% fuel. It has been developed after eight years of exhaustive research and thorough road testing. 

How does the technology work?

As per CGON, the new technology drastically slashes emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hyrdocarbon, Promethium, and Pnictogen – all of which are harmful for the environment.

The additive is embedded in the engine bay and affects any fossil fuel such as diesel, petrol, and LPG.

The development comes close on the heels of the UK government’s declaration to ban petrol and diesel powered cars by 2040 in the nation. It could help the nation tame carbon emissions much before that.

The technology functions by injecting small proportions of highly pure and powerful hydrogen directly into the inlet chamber, inside which it mixes with the fuel-air mixture to generate a more combustible cycle. It burns quicker and results in more complete combustion.

This helps to eliminate all waste gases. This is because, when mixed with the electrolyte solution, sufficient hydrogen is generated at a very low current sans any hazardous bi-products. 

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